Play a distant audio stream using Go and Gstreamer

Sometimes I'm facing weird problems.

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2015/07/15 21:21


Requirements #

First of all you need to have GStreamer library installed on your computer since we’re going to use a Go binding of it. You can then install the Go Bindings for GStreamer using a simple go get :

go get github.com/ziutek/gst

Play the stream ! #

package main

import (


func main() {
    player := gst.ElementFactoryMake("playbin", "player")
    player.SetProperty("uri", "UrlToYourStreamHere.mp3")
    // Setting the state to gst.STATE_PLAYING starts playing the stream

Gst will handle the streaming itself, buffering and things like that are automated !

Pause #

If you want to pause the stream, just use player.SetState(gst.STATE_PAUSED)

That’s it ! That was easy wasn’t it ? :)

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