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Small and secure Docker images for Go

2020/08/14 20:30

How to get your backend in the smallest docker image possible

go dev docker

Gin Validation Errors Handling

2020/06/10 19:00

Gin's validation system is powerful but it is complex to return meaningful JSON errors.

dev go gin json

Smallblog Cheatsheet

2019/09/03 10:00

A post that should display all the different capabilities of Smallblog and provide quick visual checks that everything works. Can also be used as a cheatlist.

markdown render

Smallblog Update & Capabilities

2019/08/26 14:00

A list of new capabilities provided by Smallblog, and more importantly how they were implemented and how you can also implement them on your own.

go dev markdown

QOR Admin Tutorial

2019/02/11 17:30

QOR Admin is a great admin interface creation tool but, just like gorm, the documentation sometimes lacks explanation and tutorials to help you get started

go dev admin qor

Dialogflow Webhook, Golang and Protobuf

2018/09/11 11:54

Using protobuf for our Dialogflow webhook. Also using go modules ♥

go dev protobuf dialogflow modules

CI/CD with Drone, Kubernetes and Helm - Part 3

2018/05/29 18:10

Building your CI/CD pipeline with Drone, Kubernetes and Helm. RBAC included.

ci-cd drone helm kubernetes rbac

CI/CD with Drone, Kubernetes and Helm - Part 2

2018/05/17 15:02

Building your CI/CD pipeline with Drone, Kubernetes and Helm. RBAC included.

ci-cd drone helm kubernetes rbac

CI/CD with Drone, Kubernetes and Helm - Part 1

2018/05/16 10:31

Building your CI/CD pipeline with Drone, Kubernetes and Helm. RBAC included.

ci-cd drone helm kubernetes rbac

Checklist for Go projects

2018/03/26 16:54

I always forget stuff.

go dev foss

DialogFlow : A complete guide with webhook

2018/03/12 09:30

A full and comprehensive guide on DialogFlow: how to use it and how to integrate your logic in your chatbot.

go dev nlp dialogflow

Gorm Gotchas

2017/12/20 12:00

Gorm is an amazing ORM for the Go programming language, but its documentation sometimes lack of explanation or tutorials.

go dev database

Interesting Projects

2017/06/12 10:30

Some projects/libs that I need to investigate or test

go dev

Cuite Playlists

2017/03/07 16:30

Music is love


Copy files and directories in Go

2016/09/29 14:00

Because there is no built-in recursive directory copy in Go

dev go

Rendering the TOC with Blackfriday

2016/07/19 20:17

Because that's a nice feature to have in your markdown renderer.

go dev markdown

Smallblog Documentation

2016/05/08 16:31

Because even though it's on Github, I'll write it here too.

setup markdown

First Article

2016/05/06 11:22

The reasons I made SmallBlog

inspiration dev go markdown

Embedding resources with rice.go in a Gin project

2016/01/29 21:15

Because sometimes you want to package your resources within your binary.

dev gin go

Buffer-less Multipart POST in Golang

2016/01/09 23:51

It's not as easy as it looks.

dev go

Setting up Caddy Server on Debian

2015/12/07 09:25

When there was a lack of documentation. I guess this is quite outdated now.

dev admin

Writing a markov-chain IRC bot in Go

2015/10/10 14:42

A way to make your IRC bot awesome.

dev irc go

Mistune Syntax Highlighter, MathJax support and centered images

2015/09/29 23:51

Server rendering syntax highlighting with Mistune and other stuff

dev markdown python

Execute a function periodically using a wrapper in Python

2015/09/04 10:08

Not much to say here, just a snippet to share.

python snippet

Dining Philosophers : Rust vs Go

2015/08/19 18:54

A silly comparison between Rust and Go where nothing interesting happen.

go rust

Small Example : How to use the scrape library in Go

2015/08/07 11:21

A short tutorial on how to use the scrape library in Go.

go dev scrape

Some Go snippets I find useful

2015/07/23 09:11

Here are some tricks and best practices for you

go dev snippet

Play a distant audio stream using Go and Gstreamer

2015/07/15 21:21

Sometimes I'm facing weird problems.

go dev audio

Closeable time ticker and multiple receivers in Go

2015/07/15 14:47

Tutorial on how to have a multiple receivers listening on a single time.Ticker

go dev

Handle Dynamic Subdomains with Flask and Nginx

2015/06/17 10:36

A short tutorial on how to achieve a per-user subdomain

dev python nginx

Scaffold a Flask Project

2015/04/08 20:00

Let's build a command-line utility for quickly generating a Flask boilerplate structure.

dev python flask